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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you maintain a "waiting list" for SOLD OUT tours/events?

It will be noted under each sold out tour/event if there is a waiting list with an option to add your name.

I never received my confirmation. Now what?

Not a problem! Some company e-mail systems block our automatic confirmation program. 1) check your "junk mail" or "spam" mail box. 2) Feel free to write to us at Just give us your first name, last name and contact phone number and we'll gladly fire-off another confirmation to you!

Where do I pick up my tour/event tickets?

We do NOT issue ticket(s) -- it's one way we try to be environmentally conscious. For your own comfort level, your receipt from your online purchase will serve as your ticket(s), however it is not necessary to have. Youre NAME will be on the TOUR LIST when you check-in for boarding at the departure location.

Where do I check-in? Where will the tours/events depart from and return to?

** Check-in begins 30 minutes prior to the set departure time and ends 5 minutes before departure **  

The tour Check-In and Departure location has not yet been finalized.  Guests reserving prior to this time will receive an e-mail update from the Tour Management Office.

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to check-in as tours may depart early if all guests have arrived. All tours will depart on time - there will be no refunds for missed tours due to late arrival.  If you cannot find the check-in location, call our manager-on-duty at 267-847-2673.

How will I know if I am confirmed for a tour/event that I signed up for?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation. You may keep your e-mai CONFIRMATION as your ticket if desired, but no worries ... your NAME will be on the TOUR LIST when you check-in for the tour(s).  When in doubt, feel free to jot us a note at

Why do you need my e-mail address?

We NEVER sell, rent or use your e-mail for any other purpose than sending your confirmation AND communicating any update about your selected tour(s)/event(s).

Why do you need my cell phone # ?

In case there are any last minute changes to tours, we would like to contact you via cell phone to be certain that you are aware OR we will *attempt* to call if we cannot find you at departure time.

What is the tour/event cancellation policy?

Please see our full cancellation policy at or follow the link at the bottom of this page.  Guests will have the option to gift or sell their pre-paid reservation to another ULC Annual Meeting attendee.


Is there a recommended dress code?

#1 is comfortable shoes!  Other than that, the tours are casual and you should dress comfortable and for the weather conditions.  Shorts, t-shirts and other comforable clothing are permitted.


What is the rain cancellation policy?
All tours are rain or shine.  In the inlikely event of a weather emergency tour(s) may be canclled and guests will be notified by e-mail and/or telephone call.  Also, will list any weather update information.


What is the tour program Covid policy on Masking and Vaccination?
Philadelphia currently does not have an indoor mask policy. 
Proof of vaccination stutus will not be required to participate in any tour, however if you have recently been exposed to a person diagnosed with Covid-19 or are exhibiting symptons of Covid-19 you should cancel your tour(s).  Wearing of a mask or face covering while on board the buses or in attractions will not be a requirement, however guests should feel free to follow their own personal protocol standards.

For information, please contact us at: or call (267) 847-2673

 Cancellation Policy