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Sunday, July 10 - Valley Forge (12:30P-5:30P)
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VALLEY FORGE - A Revolutionary Adventure
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NOTE: As of July 8 you may still purchase this tour, HOWEVER it is too late to have the boxed lunch inclusion. Tour Guests as of July 8 should be prepared to bring their own lunch to eat en route to Valley Forge.  The tour price has been adjusted for this missing element.

Of all the places associated with the American War for Independence, perhaps none has come to symbolize perseverance and sacrifice more than Valley Forge. The hardships of the encampment claimed the lives of one in ten, nearly all from disease.

The men and women of the Continental Army were ordinary men and women like many of us, but these everyday men and women were thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Valley Forge National Historical Park commemorates more than the collective sacrifices and dedication of the Revolutionary War generation, it pays homage to the ability of everyday Americans to pull together and overcome adversity during extraordinary times.

Sites include*: The Encampment Store, Muhlenberg's Brigade (soldiers huts), General Washington’s Headquarters, National Memorial Arch, General Wayne statue, Artillery Park and Steuben Statue.

*Subject to capacity limitations and seasonal operating schedule.

For information, please contact us at: or call (267) 847-2673

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