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Pennsylvania's Amish - Mon. Sept. 8 - 8:00AM-4:00PM
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The Simple Life: Pennsylvania's Amish

Monday, September 8          8:00AM - 4:00PM

This full-day tour takes you to the beautiful countryside of nearby Lancaster County, home of one of the largest Amish communities in the United States. Tour includes: farmlands and Amish cottage-industries tour, tour of Amish Homestead and sit-down family-style lunch.





Our deluxe transportation will arrive in beautiful Lancaster County in time for a sumptuous Pennsylvania Dutch meal featuring "pass-the-platter" style dining.  Dig into delicious roast beef, golden fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, old fashioned chicken pot pie with handmade noodles, bakery-fresh shoofly pie, apple dumplings a la mode and more with time at the end to explore the Country Store.


After lunch we'll explore the Amish Country Homestead's nine rooms with a certified guide to understand Amish customs, dress, and adapting to life without electricity. It's the county's only designated Heritage Site.   At the house, visitors will experience "what it means to be Amish."


Next, we're off on a Country Tour, a two-hour guided tour featuring the unspoiled back road beauty of Amish farmlands, one-room schools and Amish cottage industries.


Escape to a simpler way of life with this "turn back the hands of the clock" tour. It's a day of delights for your eyes, your stomach and your mind!


Minimal walking required.  Wear comfortable shoes. All-weather tour.

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