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Pennsylvania's Amish / Sat Sept 17 / 8:30A - 4:30P
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The Simple Life: Pennsylvania's Amish

The Simple Life: Pennsylvania's Amish is a full-day tour to the beautiful countryside of nearby Lancaster County, home of one of the largest Amish communities in the United States.




Upon arrival, begin with a Country Tour, a three-hour guided tour featuring the unspoiled back road beauty of Amish farmlands, one-room schools and Amish cottage industries.  Included in this tour are stops at Amish businesses (such as a general store, bakery, farm, quilt shop - stops vary based on shopkeepers operating schedule).


After the tour, lunch will be a sumptuous Pennsylvania Dutch meal featuring "pass-the-platter" style dining.  Dig into delicious country fried chicken, sausage, pot pie, rolls and butter, cabbage slaw, vegetable of the day, brown buttered noodles, real mashed potatoes and gravy, vanilla ice cream, shoo-fly pie and chocolate cake ... with time at the end to explore the Country Store.


Escape to a simpler way of life with this "turn back the hands of the clock" tour. It's a day of delights for your eyes, your taste buds and your mind!



Minimal walking required.  Wear comfortable shoes.

All-weather tour. 



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